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The Day Larry Kramer Kissed Me

“After reading the Crucible and realising what a cunt I’d made of myself I desperately needed something to redeem my confidence. I wanted the perfect role. A solid, deep 3 minutes that showcased my range and my cast-ability for the upcoming seasons. An engaging speech that showcased my face, voice […]


By LAWRENCE K. ALTMAn Published: July 3, 1981 Doctors in New York and California have diagnosed among homosexual men 41 cases of a rare and often rapidly fatal form of cancer. Eight of the victims died less than 24 months after the diagnosis was made. The cause of the outbreak […]

Herb Ritts

“Sometimes you have an innate sense of what’s in front of you. You can feel you have wandered upon a person with a special energy, or a place somehow charged, even a particular rock that’s strange or graphic. So sometimes I am surprised, but I think the surprise in the […]

1,112 and Counting

Larry Kramer It’s been 30 years since the New York Native first published this essay by Larry Kramer.  If you’ve got time, take 10 minutes to read it, it’s an incredible bit of LGBT history. 1,112 and Counting If this article doesn’t scare the shit out of you, we’re in […]

A Personal Appeal

It’s difficult to write this without sounding alarmist or too emotional or just plain scared. If I had written this a month ago, I would have used the figure “40”.  If I had written this last week, I would have needed “80”. Today I must tell you that 120 gay […]