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Ivan Okhlobystin’s Hateful Diatribe

A Russian actor best known for announcing a run for his country’s presidency two years ago has stated that he would like to put all gay people “in the oven“. Ivan Okhlobystin, a popular star with fiercely conservative views, told an audience in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk that all […]

Atlanta Braves Fans Show True Colours

Yesterday,  the Atlanta Braves joined in GLAAD’s Spirit Day, which asks people to wear purple and change their social media profiles to match to speak out against bullying.  Their short message on Facebook ran alongside similar messages from thousands of sports teams, businesses and celebrities across the world. While for […]

Covert Messiah – We Invented Jesus

American Biblical scholar Joseph Atwill will be appearing before the British public for the first time in London on the 19th of October to present a controversial new discovery: ancient confessions recently uncovered now prove, according to Atwill, that the New Testament was written by first-century Roman aristocrats and that […]