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LGBTicons Summer Party Playlist

Turns out our Winter Party playlist is absolutely perfect for playing when you’ve popped the windows, made a martini and are kicking back enjoying the summer. Most of our pop starlets are here. Check out Monsieur Adi’s incredible remix of Britney‘s Work Bitch, Chris Reece’s incredible facelift of Kylie Minogue’s […]

The Miley Mandela Dilemma

This piece was written with a view to being published last week. In it, Nelson Mandela is used as a reference point to comparing societal role models. This was before his death on Thursday night. We hope that you read it as it was originally intended. There’s been a lot […]

LGBTicons Winter Party

Because we love you, and because we know it’s only a matter of time before you’re forced to listen to the Rat Pack singing Christmas carols in your offices, we’re arming you with the perfect ammunition – our first ever LGBTicons playlist. Each month, we’ll compile a playlist of our […]