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Billy Bean jumps on board

“I believe we are nearing that moment in time when athletes lead the way as role models for fairness once again” Billy Bean Former Major League Baseball player Billy Bean, who has been an advocate for LGBT rights in sports since coming out in 1999, has been named vice chairman […]

Football Star Robbie Rogers Comes Out

“Try convincing yourself that your creator has the most wonderful purpose for you even though you were taught differently”. Robbie Rogers My whole life I have felt different, different from my peers, even different from my family. In today’s society being different makes you brave. To overcome your fears you […]

Why I’m Going To Marry Clare Balding

Last night, English and Welsh MPs voted in parliament in favour of the Equal Marriage Bill.  400 to 175.  It’s great news for champions of equality and starts the somewhat arduous journey of bringing it into law.  At its most basic, Equal Marriage would mean that same sex couples could […]

Up, up and away with Cory Oskam

“I felt like an outsider, now I have a great support system and a great group of friends, which I’ve never had before. Life is great.” Derek Jory for Potty training, as all parents know, can be a tall task. Convincing a child to own the throne takes a […]