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We Need to Talk About Kevin

Barry Church-Woods I use the word kismet far too much for someone who is only a little bit Arabic in the face. I guess beshert would be a better fit for my cultural sensibilities, though again, I’ve never been to temple. Either way; you catch my drift. I live in […]

The cult of in-ing

Dating is hard enough. But try making it work with an emotionally crippled closeted artist. Barry Church-Woods tackles his demons Have you ever been ined? In-ing is a strange phenomenon where people around you would prefer that you’re not a gay. It comes in particularly useful to those who find homosexuality […]

A message from Charlie Carver

About a year ago, I saw this photo while casually scrolling through my Instagram one morning. I’m not one for inspirational quotes, particularly ones attributed to “Mx Anonymous”- something mean in me rebukes the pithiness of proverbs, choosing to judge them as trite instead of possibly-generally-wise, resonant, or helpful. And […]

The Immaculate Collection turns 25

Yes, that’s right.  25 years ago today, Madonna released her first greatest hits collection, The Immaculate Collection, featuring 15 digitally remastered tracks (remember when QSound was a big thing?) and 2 brand new tracks, Justify My Love and Rescue Me. We still haven’t forgiven her for dropping True Blue and Dress […]