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The Day Larry Kramer Kissed Me

“After reading the Crucible and realising what a cunt I’d made of myself I desperately needed something to redeem my confidence. I wanted the perfect role. A solid, deep 3 minutes that showcased my range and my cast-ability for the upcoming seasons. An engaging speech that showcased my face, voice […]

Steven Hoggett

Those of you who have been reading LGBTicons for a while now may recognise Hoggett’s name from our review of The Glass Menagerie last year. We’ve been looking for an excuse to feature the gorgeous movement director/choreographer Steven Hoggett on these pages for a long time now, but our policy […]

TRANS Scripts: a verbatim play

Trans Scripts is a 100-minute stage play that incorporates verbatim material culled from over 200 hours of interviews with 70 people from around the world who identify on the transgender scale. Its characters range broadly in age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, educational level and gender. The play is currently performed with […]

Outings; a show about you…

Last week, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme launched to much fanfare as the festival set yet more records with 11% growth meaning 2014 will see 49,497 performances of 3,193 shows in 299 venues across Scotland’s capital city, making it the biggest ever in the history of the Fringe. There are […]